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Warranty Statement


Warranty Statement

Reswell warrants goods of its manufacture to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period that is specified in the ‘Warranty Table ’, from the date of shipment from Reswell to the date of complaint, provided that the goods are used under normal operating conditions in accordance with, but not limited to, ‘User Instruction’ if applicable.

If during the warranty period you submit a valid claim based on Reswell’s product evaluation, Reswell will take its sole obligation, at its option, to i) repair the product, ii) replace the product, or iii) exchange the product for a refund of your purchase price or equivalent credits to purchase other goods. The replacement product is warranted for the remainder of the original product’s warranty period.

No goods will be accepted for return that is issued by Reswell to customer for return.

If the claim is valid after Reswell’s examination, Reswell will bear the transportation costs of both ways. Otherwise, customer has to take all the relevant transportation fees.

For customers who would like to make inventory for business, we offer the chance to adjust the measurement of warranty period based on the agreement with us.

In cases that are not covered by warranty terms above, such as damage caused by logistics, wrong order resulted from buyer or both sides, as well as other force majeure events on the customer side, we could provide return service to customers depending on the actual situation. In this case, we will need to charge a deprecation and service fee that are no less than 25% of the purchase value, plus any associated costs. ( we bear all costs if the full responsibility is on us)