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Condition and terms

Condition and terms

Product Updates:   

The listed products might be modified or discontinued without advising in advance.


Quotations are on Ex-Factory based in US dollar, Reswell may adjust the prices yearly without prior notification. The proper discount might be available depending   on the purchasing volume and items of the individual orders.


Bank Transfer and Letter of Credit are recommended. PayPal, West Union, Cash and Credit card are also acceptable. Customers will have to pay the bank fees at both sides.
Return & Exchange:  

Returning or exchanging are possible within 15 days after the goods are received. On the condition that quality problems are found and approved by Reswell. Problematic products could be repaired or   exchanged when they are returned to Reswell factory, provided that failures are found within the warranty period. If no faults are found by Reswell or items are out of warranty, the customers should pay for the shipping cost.

Legal Affairs:              

 The original brands or trademarks indicated in the catalogues are for the purpose of referring to the compatibility with Reswell products. They are proprietarily owned by the respective manufacturers. Customers of Reswell are advised to be aware of the patent issues Reswell products might be involved with in the marketed areas, and are responsible for the relevant legal affairs.